We believe there is a simpler, smarter way to give your body what it needs to perform. To feel great. To look great. We believe effectiveness wins over fads everyday. We create wellness solutions for busy women. For mind, for body, for performance. Unique formulations, science backed ingredients and effective doses. One & Done. We give you everything you need and only what you need.

We want simple & effective solutions

Like millions of women, we have a lot on our plate and struggle to bring our "A" game everyday. We bought dozens of supplements, filled our cabinets and drained our wallets. We struggled to stick to a vitamin routine.

So, using our backgrounds in pharmacology and product development, we teamed up with leading scientists to create a simpler, smarter supplement.

We hope Daily Hero helps you power through your day - feeling and looking your best - so you can focus on what matters.

Sara & Victoria, Co-Founders

Dr. Claudia Gravaghi, Chief Scientific Officer

BSc(Hons), Ph.D., MRPharmS, Dip BCNH

A leading clinical nutritionist, pharmacist, formulator, and scientist working in London and Milan. Dr. Gravaghi is an innovator in nutrition and science and passionate about helping peope lead healthy lives, simply & effectively.

Daily Hero, made for active people

Attitude, Confidence, Realness

We have an active lifestyle; work, play and family.
We choose it. We love it. But it leaves us depleted.
Time is never on our side. 

We've been through the fads but nothing has stuck. 

We’ve had all the pills and potions. 
Our friends recommended this, that and the other.
But we've never found the perfect solution.

We know what we want but we don’t necessarily know what we need. We're not experts and we don’t have time for research and taking dozens of pills.

We just want solutions that work. That gives us ‘more us’ and helps keep us on top.


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